Aweil East chiefs voice frustration as county judge takes over cases

The Chiefs in Aweil East County lament their redundancy as the county judge dismisses majority of cases, claiming that proper procedures are not followed, leading to concerns of biased verdicts

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Chiefs in Aweil East County, Northern Bahr El Ghazal State, claim that they are no longer able to settle cases because the county judge has now dismissed the majority of them.

The chiefs say they have been left redundant as most of the complainants go to the county judge and they never do any matters in society.

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Paramount Chief Deng Mamer of Malualbaai Payam accuses the judge of never following proper procedures for probing into cases such as divorce issues, which, according to him, should be investigated further whenever a woman or a man opens up against divorcing a spouse.


Chief Mamer said there was a case of a woman with ten children who asked for a divorce, and the judge did it in favour of the woman. They weren’t consulted as it could not be done that way.

There is a case of a woman in my payam who filed a lawsuit against her husband, and the judge passed it immediately with ten children, and his son is married. Where can you rule out that case? They could have been reconciled if the case had been delivered to us, but the judge made a verdict in favour of a woman, which was not good,” he lamented.

The chiefs blame the judge for accumulating the cases and leaving them jobless. “Capital cases are supposed to be done by him, and matters like adultery, disputes over cow ownership, and other matters arising in the community should be done by the customary courts,” claimed the chiefs.

Another paramount Chief Lual Malong Yor of the Ajuongdit section says the judge takes everything into account, including disputes over cows. He accuses the county judge, Mathiang Kuach Mathiang, of owning cows, saying that the two parties have issues over them.

“Even he takes the cows of two people who have disputes over them. He has owned 10 cows now, and they are with him, and if such cases were left to us, we would not take the cows but probe the parties until we find out who owns such possessions,” he When Hot in Juba/Talk of Juba contacted Judge Mathiang Kuaach Mathiang in response, he denied the allegations and claimed that they were all political and unfounded. maintained.

When Talk of Juba contacted Judge Mathiang Kuaach Mathiang in response, he denied the allegations and claimed that they were all political and unfounded.

Judge Mathiang said the chiefs should have learned how cases reach him as the complaints or appellants leave them in the community and rush to him. On the other hand, he said the chiefs get bribed and settle other matters unprofessionally, and that forces the appeals or complaints to go to him in the county.

These chiefs are not educated, and rules of law have to be implemented in legal procedures. In the case of a woman, I gave a verdict for divorce. It is because she said vehemently that she would kill herself if the case was not settled in her favour for a divorce, so should I allow such a woman to kill herself? Never!” Said Mathiang

He said if the chiefs are more serious, they could follow up with the state supreme court judge up until Wau and then with the Chief Justice, who would ask for his responses to allegations levelled against him about misleading the cases.

Mathiang urges the chiefs to first do proper investigations of the cases and avoid having cases left unsettled or getting bribed to influence the decisions, which makes the complaints go to him and passes the verdicts as per the articles, which he said the chiefs never know but do dwell on a friendship or kinship basis.

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