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Clients decry Ecobank’s poor services; management refutes allegations

Ecobank South Sudan clients express frustration with poor service provision, facing delays and difficulties in opening bank accounts

Lakes State declares ‘No Pay’ for over 1,500 government employees

A controversial decision led by Governor Gen. Rin Tueny in Lakes State results in backlash as the Minister of Education characterises teachers as "illiterate teachers," sparking criticisms and concerns over public communication.

Governor promises to cover university fees for young artist who drew his portrait

Governor Adil meets young artist Mayen Kuol Mayen at his office and promises to pay his full university tuition

Lainya commissioner offers 20 students full scholarships to study at Kuda University

The commissioner of Central Equatoria’s Lainya County, Emmanuel Khemis Richard, has generously offered fully-funded scholarships to twenty students from his county to study at Juba-based Kuda University

Hunger crisis grips Aweil returnees as thousands struggle for aid

Thousands of Aweil returnees displaced by the Sudan conflict are starving as they struggle to access food aid, with allegations of unfair distribution practices emerging amid the crisis.

President Kiir advocates for peace in the East African region amid tensions

President Kiir emphasizes the importance of unity and cooperation in promoting regional peace and stability amid rising tensions in East Africa.

SCAM ALERT: South Sudanese fish sellers lose USD 145,000 to scammer

South Sudanese fish sellers were swindled out of $145,000 by a fake geologist posing as a mineral trader from the Congo.

Cecilia Adeng starts work as permanent representative to the UN

Ambassador Cecilia A.M. Adeng makes history as the first female Permanent Representative of South Sudan to the United Nations, signaling a new era of diplomacy and representation.

Biometric payroll will help erase ghost names – citizens

The implementation of a biometric payroll system supported by the World Bank has been hailed as a crucial step in eliminating ghost names and tackling embezzlement within the South Sudan government

Juba-based Destiny University College graduates celebrate late-year’s graduation

Destiny University College graduates based in Juba celebrate last year's graduation despite past challenges, expressing gratitude and determination to make a difference in the job market or through creating opportunities for future generations.

Measles vaccination campaign kicks off in Aweil East County, Northern Bahr El Ghazal State

Aweil East County launches a massive measles vaccination campaign with the help of partners like the International Rescue Committee, targeting children aged 0–11 months to combat the recent outbreak and dispel misconceptions about vaccines.

President Kiir embarks on EAC regional tour of peace to calm tensions between Rwanda and DR Congo

President Kiir sets out on a peace mission across the East African Community, aiming to ease tensions between Rwanda and DR Congo amidst escalating conflicts in the region.

Border peace committee seeks return of stolen cows in Aweil

The border peace committee, comprised of Rezigat and Dinka Malual representatives, pleads for the return of 40 stolen cows belonging to nomads as efforts to locate them intensify amidst concerns of escalating conflict in the region.

Albino Bridge in Kator Payam nears completion

The near completion of the Albino Bridge in Juba is sparking hope and joy among residents, connecting communities like never before and symbolizing progress and unity

Lifeline road rehabilitation linking three Central Equatoria counties to start tomorrow

Commissioner Emmanuel Khemis Richard grateful to UNMISS for backing the road project linking counties which stands as a vital lifeline promoting peace, security, and agricultural transport; urging citizens to embrace dialogue over rebellion for peaceful progress.

Blaze engulfs Transway Petrol Station in Wau market, cause unknown

Fire engulfs Transway Petrol Station in Wau market near Mayo Primary School, with authorities investigating the cause as damage assessment continues.

Y.D.K Company CEO gifts Musician Daniel Dinganyai and two others brand new cars

Y.D.K Company CEO surprises musicians with brand new cars in a gesture of gratitude for promoting peace and unity in South Sudan through their music.

Kubri Haboba women street vendors complain of police brutality

Kuburi Haboba women street vendors lament police brutality as they strive to support their families and send their children to school by selling vegetables under the scorching sun.

Health at Stake: Pharmaceutical Company owner recounts losses, threatens to close

The soaring dollar rate leaves Pharmaceutical Company owner in Konyokonyo market contemplating closure as increasing prices mean dwindling sales and imminent losses, putting community health at risk.

Central Bank unveils plans to fix economy, rising dollar rate

The Central Bank of South Sudan is rolling out a comprehensive strategy to tackle economic woes amidst a surge in the dollar rate, emphasizing enhanced measures to stabilize the market and alleviate inflation pressures.