Ownership & Funding Information

Talk of Juba is committed to transparency in our ownership structure and funding sources.

Talk of Juba was formed by a group of enthusiastic young South Sudanese journalists in 2012 and has expanded every year since to become one of the most popular and reliable digital media houses. ‘Talk of Juba’, is the first and only South Sudanese owned independent youth-run media outlet. Talk of Juba is registered by the South Sudan Ministry of Justice’s Registrar of Companies, NGOs, Societies, and Associations with Registration Number (Reg. No: 22808).

Since launch in 2013, Talk of Juba’s website (https://www.talkofjuba.com) has garnered millions in page views.


  1. Mariak Bol – Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief
  2. Adhieu Ngoth Chol Majok – Co-Founder, COO & Managing Editor
  3. William Monykuer Juach Bol – Co-Founder, Creative Director & Deputy Managing Editor


We are independently funded, and cover our expenses with advertising revenue made through Facebook and Google AdSense or advertisement on the website. We do not take any payouts or deals from companies or public figures to write favorable material about them.

Talk of Juba is one of South Sudan’s leading sources of original, field-based reporting and analysis about the politics, war, and humanitarian crises. We put quality independent journalism at the service of the most vulnerable people in the country. With specialized editors and a network of local correspondents, we report from the frontlines and around South Sudan to drive more effective and accountable responses to those in need.

Since establishment, Talk of Juba has never received external funding to enable it execute its crucial role of providing news to South Sudanese people. The outlet has primarily depended on individual funding from the founders but as it grows into a national media outlet, the founders are no longer able to meet the financial requirements of an expanded outlet. The outlet is humbly asking donations from well-wishers and friends of the South Sudanese people.

The support will enhance its capacity to build on its existing online news dissemination channels to increase its ability to collect, edit and distribute reliable news and content. The proposed organizational capacity development for Talk of Juba will enhance its effectiveness in these two areas:

  • Human resource (news correspondents)
  • Technological empowerment through equipment purchases

The support will enable Talk of Juba to provide non-biased, factual news and informative content that does not lean to any partisan side. This will ensure that we maintain a degree of independence and try hard to present all sides to the issues without creating an impression of undue influence from the South Sudanese government or the opposition groups.

Donation helps…

  • Encourage accountability and transparency in the government so that it better meets the needs of those it aims to serve
  • Amplify the voices of those living through crises
  • Provides a platform for local journalists and citizen journalists in South Sudan where freedom of the press is suppressed
  • Recognize the value of investigative, innovative, fact-based reporting that is independent of vested interests
  • Build a community of people who believe in quality journalism.

If you wish to donate to Talk of Juba click on this link: https://www.talkofjuba.com/donate/