Fact Checking Policy

We are focused on making sure that we gather and cover a subject in its entirety through all of its dimensions. We put special emphasis on being accurate and precise throughout our processes.

We explore claims with incredulity; question presumptions and all possible aspects; and even employ out of the box strategies to complete a subject.

  • Our primary emphasis is on the accuracy of all the output. This commitment to accuracy is the basis of our credibility and reputation, which we resolve to uphold across all of our operations. This dedication is crucial to our notoriety and the trust of audience. The term ‘due’ implies that the exactness must be satisfactory and suitable to the output, assessing the subject and nature of the substance and expressly notice/underline any problem or issue that may affect that expectation.
  • This pertains to all our output, as suitable to its substance and nature, must be all around sourced, in view of accessible proof, and validated. We endeavor to be just, straightforward and open about what we don’t know and steer clear of any unwarranted ideas, sources, and material.
  • We have a strict policy against plagiarism. It is understood by our journalists and writers and this realization reflects in their output. Thus, we never knowingly alter facts or content. We want our audience to be able to verify our output themselves. We provide all the sources in due detail that the reader may be able to follow through on our process, (expect in the cases where the source has chosen to be remained anonymous due to security reasons. In such cases we tend to provide as much detail as possible without violating any trust).
  • We tend to seek verification from independent sources to confirm and corroborate claims, data, charges and allegations, particularly those made by open authorities or anybody with an agenda other than announcing reality. Cases, charges, material realities and other substance that can’t be verified is normally be attributed. We uphold transparency regarding the sources of information. We detail the background of all the influential posts in our agency to portray that transparency.
  • We stand by the data we distribute and consider it be accurate and precise. However, if it is pointed out to be the case that it doesn’t meet those standards, we change the content /data within a reasonable We follow out correction policy to the word. It is against our standards to intentionally mislead our readers. We don’t twist realities, or present fabricated material as facts which may negate our readers’ trust in our output. We recognize genuine real blunders and right them rapidly, obviously and suitably.

Our team’s primary obligation is reporting, writing, and fact-checking stories. Stories are liable to audit and to be reviewed by at least one editor. We have a staggered certainty checking structure for stories that require due determination. The allocation of the story to the editor(s) changes on a scope of components, including unpredictability, affectability, and the weight of time.

Every journalist or writer in our team understands that words have a power and we must act responsibly and abide by our policies.