Ethics Policy


The Scope of this Policy: These rules apply to all individuals from our organization.

The Purpose of this Policy: The central reason for existing is to secure the unprejudiced nature and lack of bias of Talk of Juba and the trustworthiness of its reports. Each staff part is relied upon to peruse these guidelines cautiously and submit to them as they apply to their obligations.

Compliance with this Code: Talk of Juba pays attention to this set of accepted rules very. All representatives of Talk of Juba are answerable for consistency with all parts of this code. Every single new worker will be required to peruse this code at the beginning of their business, and to bear witness to recorded as a hard copy that they have done as such; all Talk of Juba representatives will be required, at the time this code is first proclaimed, to understand it thus validate. Such composed confirmations will be required once every year.

  • The matters addressed by this code are adequately significant that any lack of foresight inside the regions secured here might be viewed as sufficiently genuine to warrant discipline up to and including dismissal.
  • Any representative who has an inquiry concerning or gets mindful of their own conceivable infringement of this code or by our journalist, or becomes mindful that he or another representative is engaged with an exchange or relationship that could sensibly offer ascent to a genuine or clear irreconcilable circumstance, ought to quickly talk about the circumstance with their manager. Each exertion will be made to keep up the privacy of such conversations Talk of Juba will not permit or tolerate any retaliation against any reporter who makes a good faith report about a possible violation of the code by another reporter. Please consult if you have any questions on this.
  • Nothing in this Policy is proposed to block or discourage representatives from (a) detailing conceivable or associated infringement with law or guideline to any administrative organization or element, helping out any such office in an examination, or making other legitimately ensured exposures; or (b) taking part in some other lawfully secured action, for example, on the whole talking about wages, advantages or terms and states of business or raising objections concerning working conditions.

Financial Disclosures

Journalists who normally spread business and money related news) may not profit from day trading: that is, they may not lead in-and-out exchanging, conjecture in alternatives or fates or undercut protections. Any of these activities could make an appearance of abusing data not accessible to people in general. Staff individuals who consistently spread business parts of innovation or different subjects are additionally dependent upon this standard. All Talk of Juba workers are relied upon to behave consistently in a way that leaves no justification for conviction, or even doubt that:

  • A worker, a representative’s family, or any other person associated with a representative made monetary profits by following up based on “inside” data acquired through Talk of Juba work before that data was accessible to the overall population.
  • The creation or spread, or non-dispersal, of any news or other data was impacted by a longing to influence the cost of any security;
  • A representative’s very own monetary circumstance as for speculations is with the end goal that it makes a compulsion to disregard these standards; or
  • A worker is obligated to newsmakers, data suppliers, promoters or market members, making an impulse to abuse these standards

Returning Borrowed Equipment:

  • Staff individuals who obtain hardware/Equipment, vehicles, or different merchandise for assessment or survey must return them as quickly as time permits. Staff individuals may save for their own assortments — however, may not sell or duplicate — books sent to them for the survey. Such entries are viewed as public statements.

Avoiding Conflict of Interests

Advancement/Links: It is inadmissible for anybody at Talk of Juba to acknowledge money or whatever else of incentive in return for advancement/joins, and so on in a story, particularly if the relationship isn’t unveiled. There are sure cases in which we are given travel costs or loot or different advantages for covering a story. Also, significantly, when we are given these things, we ought to consistently uncover it obviously. There are likewise sure occurrences in which our organization may be paid to connection to patrons’ locales, those connections will likewise be uncovered obviously.

Voting and Campaigns

It isn’t Talk of Juba‘s expectation to discourage workers from taking an interest effectively in the community, magnanimous, strict, open, social, or private associations. Such exercises are allowed, and even energized, to the degree that they:

  • Do not cheapen the execution or viability of work;
  • Do not cause Talk of Juba to seem to finance the action;
  • Do not in any case abuse this code.

All article colleagues just as senior administration with any obligation regarding news should avoid factional political action. As identifies with a contender for chose office, this action incorporates passing out catches, posting factional remarks on long-range informal communication destinations, blogging, assisting with requesting effort commitments or facilitating a pledge drive for a fanatic competitor. This movement likewise incorporates making any degree of money related commitment to an up-and-comer’s crusade for chose office or any Political Action Committee supporting individual possibility for chose office. While these limitations don’t expressly apply to a representative’s mate, huge other, kids, or relatives, all article colleagues and senior administration with any duty regarding news should abstain from showing a political inclination.

Be respectful and professional

Always be fair and courteous. If you decide to post complaints or criticisms, avoid using statements that reasonably could be viewed as malicious, obscene, threatening or intimidating, that disparage your co-workers or business contacts or that might constitute harassment or bullying.

Be honest and accurate:

Make sure you are always honest and accurate when posting information or news, and if you make a mistake, correct it quickly. Be open about any previous posts you have altered.

Respect laws and confidentiality:

Respect copyright, trademark, privacy, financial disclosure, regulatory and all other laws. Do not disclose confidential or sensitive information about the Company, other individuals or business contacts that may have been obtained through your position with the Company, unless you have the right to do so and are taking into account intellectual property and privacy concerns. For example, ask permission before posting someone’s photograph, article, or music in a social network or publishing in a blog a conversation that was meant to be private. In accessing or using a social media site, comply with the legal terms or code of conduct governing such site.