About Us

Talk of Juba is a progressive, youth-oriented news organization based in Juba, South Sudan.

We’re one of South Sudan’s leading sources of original, field-based reporting and analysis about the politics, war, and humanitarian crises.

We put quality independent journalism at the service of the most vulnerable people in the country. With specialised editors and a network of local correspondents, we report from the frontlines and around South Sudan to drive more effective and accountable responses to those in need.

Talk of Juba was formed by a group of enthusiastic South Sudanese youth in 2012 and has expanded every year since to become one of the most popular and reliable digital media houses. ‘Talk of Juba’, is the first and only South Sudanese owned independent youth media outlet. Talk of Juba is registered by the South Sudan Ministry of Justice’s Registrar of Companies, NGOs, Societies, and Associations with Registration Number (Reg. No: 22808).

We provide context, analysis and multiple perspectives on South Sudanese news, politics, conflict, humanitarian situation, economics, business, and culture.

In addition to news, the Talk of Juba website publishes thought-provoking opinion articles that aim to inspire and tackle issues concerning South Sudan.

We have a crowdsourced journalism model that combines a wide funnel with a strong filter. This means that while anyone can write for us, every article we publish has to meet our editorial guidelines.

Since launch in 2013, Talk of Juba’s website (http://www.talkofjuba.com) has garnered more than 5 million page views.


Our mission is to inform and to educate. Therefore, we produce in-depth reports, publications, and videos on various issues. Our reports and publications are meant for the public and are of particular use to policy analysts, business professionals, and students. Talk of Juba will continue to provide South Sudanese with reliable news in a wide range of topics including politics, humanitarian and entertainment, and a platform for debates and discussions.


Our vision is to create the first truly South Sudanese media platform that transcends borders, beliefs, and backgrounds that provides a plurality of perspectives that fosters real debate, that tells the story behind the story, and that involves you in a meaningful global conversation.

In sum, we aim to provide a “360°” view so South Sudanese citizens of today and tomorrow can make sense of the world.

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For more information on Talk of Juba, email us: info@talkofjuba.com or call: +211912484816