Milk woman apprehended for alleged infant poisoning

Milk woman allegedly poisoned two children in Juba, leading to her arrest.

Infant lying on hospital bed after consuming poisoned milk
Infant lying on hospital bed after consuming poisoned milk

A milk woman has been arrested in Juba’s New Site neighborhood after two three-year-old children were hospitalized after drinking allegedly poisoned milk she sold on Sunday morning.

Bol Dhoruai Benjamin, the children’s father said, “My kids are poisoned by the lady who usually brings them milk at New Site Residential Area.”

He claimed that the suspect brought milk and left it at home without even taking her money as usual. “Soon after she left, the children drank milk and immediately became unconscious,” Bol narrated.

Two other adults who are said to have drunk the same milk are now suffering from dysentery.

“She was asked by two other people who were staying with the children to take her milk since the mother of the children was absent. However, she insisted that she would take her money some time later,” he told Talk of Juba.

The children were rushed to Nile Specialist Hospital following a deteriorating health situation for a check-up and doctors confirmed that they were infected by poisoning.

The suspect has since been arrested and is now in police custody.