Staying trouble-free amidst increased police presence for Juba’s Christmas celebrations

Juba police headquarters deploys 3,000 strongmen across the city ahead of Christmas, launching an indiscriminate stop and search exercise causing a rough flow of traffic.

The South Sudan National Police Service has deployed over 3,000 officers throughout the city of Juba in anticipation of the upcoming Christmas and New Year festivities.

Juba police headquarters say this move aims to ensure the safety and security of residents during the holiday season.

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“We have deployed more than three thousand personnel across the capital city in preparation for Christmas and prosperous New year celebrations,” the South Sudan National Police Service has said in a statement via its Facebook page.


As part of their efforts, the police have initiated a random stop and search operation on major streets. While this exercise is intended to maintain order, it has led to some disruptions in traffic flow, according to one road user.

Juba residents are advised to plan their journeys accordingly and allow for extra time during this period. Cooperating with the police and adhering to their instructions, can collectively ensure a safe and enjoyable festive season for all.

To avoid any unnecessary encounters with the police, here are some actions Juba residents should refrain from:

Carrying prohibited items: Ensure that you are not in possession of any illegal substances, weapons, or other prohibited items when moving around the city. This will help you avoid any potential trouble with the authorities.

Engaging in unruly behavior: Maintain a respectful and peaceful demeanor in public spaces. Avoid engaging in any acts that may disturb the peace or cause public nuisance, as this could attract unwanted attention from the police.

Disobeying traffic regulations: Adhere to traffic rules and regulations to prevent unnecessary stops or fines. Observe speed limits, wear seatbelts, and avoid using mobile phones while driving.

Respecting police instructions: Cooperate with the police during random stop and search exercises. Follow their instructions calmly and provide any necessary identification or documentation if requested.

As a Juba resident, you can ensure a smooth and trouble-free holiday season by staying aware of these guidelines and acting responsibly.

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