An Aerial View of Juba City | Courtesy Photo

By Arok-Lion

The population of Juba, Central Equatoria is steadily increasing because of pull factors like fairly better security in relation to the other States, better employment opportunities, fair social amenities like electricity, health centers etcetra.

However, it is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and I suspect that 80 percent of the population in Juba cannot afford to spend $1.90 (788.5 SSP) per day which is the international standard for measuring global poverty.

This category (the 80% ) is below the poverty line and therefore, do not contribute to the economy of Juba or even the country at large since they can’t pay taxes because of their inability to do so.

But, what are the push factors that make these people to come to Juba for settlement? Insecurity in the States, lack of employment opportunities, poor infrastructure, better employment opportunities in Juba especially for the case of foreign nationals.

The government of the day should improve the security situation in the states and speed up the development of other cities like Wau, and Malakal so that some people can go there, and get opportunities instead of doing nothing in Juba which is absolutely not their fault.

Overpopulation is good for the development of an urban area like Juba, but the population should be working, and empowered so that poverty and crime are eradicated because the two, work hand in hand.

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