Nelson Kwaje/Facebook
Nelson Kwaje/Facebook

Activist Nelson Kwaje and chairman of #defyhatenow board has been sentenced to one month in jail or an SSP50,000 fine for taking a picture of his colleague in a police cell and posted it on Facebook last week.

Last week Marina Modi, the director of #defyhatenow was arrested by police after JEDCO opened a case against #defyhatenow over an electricity bill worth over $90,000.
JEDCO alleged that the money was 5 months arrears and accused #defyhatenow of illegally connecting electricity without their knowledge. #defyhatenow denied any wrongdoing.
The case of the extravagant bill went viral online and prompted a backlash against JEDCO after Kwaje posted the bill online together with a picture of Marina behind bars.
The incident has angered the police and pressed charges against Nelson. The judge today ruled in favour of the police and sentenced Nelson to a one-month jail term or an SSP 50,000 fine to secure his freedom.
Nelson opted to pay SSP 50,000 and was freed.
“Finished a case with the police regarding that photo of Marina in the cell, the police sued me and the judge ruled one month in jail or pay a fine of 50K. I paid 50K SSP and the case closed.
I am out now and I got my phone back from the police,” Nelson posted on social media.