Kiir reconstitutes the Council of States

The new Council of States will consist of 92 members representing various groups who are signatories to the R-ARCSS.

President Salva Kiir has on Saturday (July 3, 2021) evening reconstituted the Council of States as per the 2018 Revitalised Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCSS).

In a presidential decree announced on the state-owned television, South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC), the new Council of States will consist of 92 members representing various armed groups and political parties who are signatories to the R-ARCSS.

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President Kiir’s SPLM party and First Vice President Riek’s SPLM-IO who were the main parties in the South Sudanese Civil War have taken the lion’s share in the newly reconstituted Council of States.


SPLM with 46 members while SPLM-IO has 27 members. The rest of the members are divided among the smaller parties.

Below is the list of the members of the reconstituted Council of States:

1. Stephen Gaga Lukudu – CE SPLM
2. Kornelio Kenyi Befo – CE SPLM
3. Johnson Ladu Surur – CE SPLM
4. Jaden Jada Solomon – CE SPLM
5. Victoria Nasire Augustino – CE SPLM
6. Anisia Achieng Karlo – EE SPLM
7. Marko Lokale – EE SPLM
8. Michael Lokerui Losike – EE SPLM
9. Denis Oreng Ofilang Itorong – EE SPLM
10. Daniel Deng Lual – Jonglei SPLM
11. Sarah Nyakuoch Kuach – Jonglei SPLM
12. Monica Achol Benjamin – Jonglei SPLM
13. Chuol Rambang Luoth – Jonglei SPLM
14. Joshua Dau Dhieu – Jonglei SPLM
15. Michael Mario Dhuor – Jonglei SPLM
16. Majak Machar Dholbai – Lakes SPLM
17. James Magok Ater – Lakes SPLM
18. Isaac Kon Anok – Lakes SPLM
19. Arthur Akuien Chol – Northern Bahr el Ghazal SPLM
20. Aldo Ajou Deng – Northern Bahr el Ghazal SPLM
21. Athian Athian Kuot – Northern Bahr el Ghazal SPLM
22. Donato Dimo Orach – Northern Bahr el Ghazal SPLM
23. Chan Malual Chan – Warrap SPLM
24. Anei Ngong Anei – Warrap SPLM
25. Faustino Atem-gualdit – Warrap SPLM
26. Nyandeng Kerubino Kuanyin – Warrap SPLM
27. Louis Victor Akwar – Western Bahr el Ghazal SPLM
28. Dhalkon Ricardo Ugal – Western Bahr el Ghazal SPLM
29. Celestino Joseph Mahmoud – Western Bahr el Ghazal SPLM
30. Awadh Juma Aman Marjal – Western Bahr el Ghazal SPLM
31. Gol Paul Ngundeng – Unity SPLM
32. Sultan Kong Kong – Unity SPLM
33. Rieu Gatlier Gai – Unity SPLM
34. Joseph Bol Chan – Upper Nile SPLM
35. Alice Odok Kiir – Upper Nile SPLM
36. Arun Lual Run – Upper Nile SPLM
37. Joseph Aban Deng – Upper Nile SPLM
38. Joseph Nyok Abiel – Upper Nile SPLM
39. John Masua Mandaza – WE SPLM
40. Isaac Sumu Cleopa – WE SPLM
41. Queenta Benedict Zungubia – WE SPLM
42. Angelo Beda Gbangbura – WE SPLM
43. Tabitha Chol Manyiel – Abyei AA SPLM
44. Kennedy Gayin Ngare – Pibor AA SPLM
45. Khamis Ismael Konyi – Pibor AA SPLM
46. Mary Ayen Mijok – Ruweng SPLM
47. Dr. Vigil Modi Guma – CE Democratic Forum
48. Ida Luka Jenman – Pibor AA Democratic Forum
49. Prof. Malok Daniel Achu – Western Bahr el Ghazal USSAP
50. Mary Isaac Daniel – Lakes USSAP
51. James Andrea Anyak – Western Bahr el Ghazal Labour
52. Mary Apar Deng – Upper Nile DC
53. Ajuet Rehan Muon Ajuet – Warrap USSP
54. James Wal Garang – Norther Bahr el Ghazal SANU
55. Jenevia Eliaba Janap – WE UDSF
56. Manoah Aligo Donga – CE SPLM-IO
57. Monica Juan Lino – CE SPLM-IO
58. Josephine Nakur Ambrose – EE SPLM-IO
59. Sisto Majikwe – EE SPLM-IO
60. Taban John Nyaruben Korong – Pibor AA SPLM-IO
61. John Juyol Yual – Jonglei SPLM-IO
62. Hassan Adam Gatpan Dong – Jonglei SPLM-IO
63. Rebecca Anei Diot Manyiel – Lakes SPLM-IO
64. Elisabeth Stephen Kon – Lakes SPLM-IO
65. Deng Deng Akoon – Northern Bahr el Ghazal SPLM-IO
66. Mubarak Deng Tong Duang – Northern Bahr el Ghazal SPLM-IO
67. Ruot Dhol Rieth – Unity SPLM-IO
68. Petero Juol Machar – Unity SPLM-IO
69. John Wuor Manteng – Ruweng SPLM-IO
70. Cirilo Chol Dut Noon – Warrap SPLM-IO
71. Nyandeng Mayen Kuol – Warrap SPLM-IO
72. Margret Vito Akwar – Abyei AA SPLM-IO
73. Madelino Angelo Elzain – Western Bahr el Ghazal SPLM-IO
74. Santino Opiyo Madhieu – Western Bahr el Ghazal SPLM-IO
75. Laveric Liwa Dongoro – WE SPLM-IO
76. Jules Reuben Nakobo – WE SPLM-IO
77. Nafisa Ibrahim Adam – Upper Nile SPLM-IO
78. Joy Owach Nyiker – Upper Nile SPLM-IO
79. Simon Maguet Gai Majak – Unity SPLM-IO
80. Moses Malek Chuol Kang – Upper Nile SPLM-IO
81. Celino Saturino Swaka Daniel – CE SPLM-IO
82. Margret John Jok – Jonglei SPLM-IO
83. Bapiny Manytuil Wejang – Unity SSOA
84. John Tap Malual – Unity SSOA
85. John Ukech Lueth – Northern Bahr el Ghazal SSOA
86. Bepin Sabino Ajawin – Upper Nile SSOA
87. Linda Andrea Apaya – WE SSOA
88. Juan Dar – Unity SSOA
89. Abdun Gatjiek Gatluak – Unity SSOA
90. Bashir Abdelrahman – Pibor AA SSOA
91. Okello Laweri Odong – EE SSOA
92. Tut Gatkek Tut Upper – Upper Nile SSOA

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