Traffic police officer removing car tint in Juba
Traffic police officer removing car tint in Juba / File Photo

The director-general of the Directorate of Traffic Major General Kon John Akot has ordered the traffic police officers to confiscate and legally charge motorists driving tinted cars in Juba.

While announcing a new crackdown on tinted cars and cars without appropriate number plates, General Kon said nobody is exempted from his orders.

“If the president of the Republic drives in a car that is not tinted, why would an ordinary person drive a tinted car,” he said in his office on Monday.

This is going to be the second crackdown on tinted vehicles this year. In February, a similar crackdown happened with heavy deployment of army, national security and police force along major roads in Juba to forcefully remove tints from cars. Nobody was safe as Generals and senior government officials including national ministers had their car tints removed by security forces.

General Kon says the order to remove tints from the vehicles was from the president himself. He added that driving a car with a third party tint is a traffic offence and those found in contravention will be charged according to traffic laws.