A bartender counts South Sudanese pound banknotes in Juba, South Sudan, on Monday, July 25, 2011. Sudan's decision to introduce a new currency will cost newly independent South Sudan as much as $700 million, the secretary-general of the south's ruling party, Pagan Amum, said. Photographer: Trevor Snapp/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The South Sudanese pound has further depreciated against the dollar as demand continues to put pressure on the local currency.

On Wednesday, the pound exchanged at a record low of SSP 360 against a dollar ($100 equals to SSP36,000), sliding past the worst record of April 2018.

Market experts have warned that the pound and dollar pair is expected to trade at high pressure, with the local currency again expected to further lose grounds against the dollar.

“If nothing changes in the next two days, 100 dollars will be sold at 40,000 SSP,” a local money dealer told TOJ Wednesday afternoon.

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