Adut Akech dating Runtown?
Adut Akech

If you’re a showbiz enthusiast, you must be aware of the current trends in the South Sudanese social and showbiz scene.

South Sudanese bachelors who had eyes on Supermodel Adut Akech had better part of Wednesday consoling their broken hearts after the 20-year-old model appeared to publicly announce her relationship with Nigerian singer Runtown on social networking website Instagram.

It has now been revealed that the South Sudanese supermodel was the one who actually shot her shot at the singer who is famous for 2015 hit song “Bend Down Pause”. According to a Nigerian gossip website Pulse Nigeria, Adut Akech publicly asked for Runtown’s telephone number recently in comments section of Instagram and that’s where their love affair began.

In a screenshot of the alleged comment, Adut using her verified Instagram handle asked “Can I seriously get your number”, to which Runtown replied “Incoming Call” and the rest is history.

The website alleged that Runtown soon after travelled overseas to meet Adut who has in the past 3 years been making international headlines as one of the top models in the world.

Both Adut Akech and Runtown have now deleted their lovey-dovey Instagram posts.

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