Popular Kenyan relationship and marriage expert Bi Mswafari
Popular Kenyan relationship and marriage expert Bi Mswafari

By Nancy Okenagwa

Popular Kenyan relationship and marriage expert Bi Mswafari has asked women not to enter into their married son’s bedroom saying that it is a gesture of disrespect.

She said that the act is a serious invasion of privacy warning her fellow mothers-in-law that entering their sons’ bedroom has serious repercussions.

The expert has further stressed that it is wrong for mothers to sit on their sons’ matrimonial bed pointing out that it is unfortunate that many ladies ignore this and seem to care less about the consequences it has.

The popular Swahili lady who is featured on a popular Kenyan TV show dabbed “Mawaidha Ya Bi Mswafari” (meaning wisdom from Bi Mswafari) on Citizen TV; one of the leading TV stations in Kenya said that she has never entered her son’s bedroom during her visits to his house.

Bi Mswafari recounted on the show that there was a time her daughter-in-law asked her to go see their bedroom in the newly built house and she refused and just blessed the house from a distance.
In addition, she advised ladies to respect their mothers to their husbands and accept criticisms from them with an open heart.
She as well acknowledged that mothers-in-law deserve to be held in high regard and treated right because they are the reasons why you got a man to marry you.

She has urged women to stop being grouchy about their husbands being mama’s boys. Bi Mswafari is a Kenyan inspirational speaker whose expertise is in matters concerning relationships and marriage. Her show airs every Saturday at 7.00pm on Citizen TV.