Marco Deng is suspected of stabbing Machar Kot on Monday.
Marco Deng is suspected of stabbing Machar Kot on Monday.

A 22-year-old South Sudanese youth Marco Deng has been identified as the key suspect in the brutal stabbing incident that led to the untimely death of Machar Kot, 21, outside a hotel in Australia’s city of Melbourne on Monday.

Australian Homicide Detectives have reported that the perpetrator is on the run and are appealing to anyone with information that can help in the probe to reach out. The squad has further commended the public to call Crime stoppers through an anonymous report line just in case they come across the felon.

An image of Marco Deng has been released by the police anticipating that someone will identify him and report to the police about his whereabouts. It is alleged that Deng has been residing in Burnside Heights in Melton and he is known to frequent the Brimbank area; a city in the municipality of Melbourne.

At the same time, Homicide Squad Detective Inspector Tim Day has issued a warning to anyone that may be protecting him saying they are risking committing a serious offense. The Inspector has as well issued an appeal to Deng to turn himself up saying that it is just a matter of time before they catch him.
Deng has been described 180cm tall, with a medium build, short hair and brown eyes.

The police believe that Deng and the departed knew each other. The suspect is said to have escaped immediately after committing the offense and has since been on the run.

Meanwhile family and friends continue to remember Machar Kot with the latest tribute from his younger sister Anhial Kot, 19, remembering him as someone who had a “contiguous laugh” and was always there for her.

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South Sudanese Community leader Achol Marial has spoken out concerning Kot’s death saying that the deceased came from a very good family describing Kot’s father as an honorable man who is well respected in the community and it is unfortunate that such a devastating situation has befallen on him.

Ms. Marial also said that young people are worth more and deserve so much more since they are intelligent, energetic and high achievers. She urged the youth to embrace that side of them and leave the life of unintended matters behind.