Recipe: How to Make Sudanese Kisra [VIDEO]

How to make South Sudanese Kisra

By Taste of South Sudan

Taste of a South Sudan presents an easy step by step instructions on how to make kisra. Kisra is the staple food of Sudan, and the second staple food of South Sudan, after Asida. It is a thin leavened bread made from fermented sorghum flour and small amounts of wheat flour. To make kisra, Sudanese flatbread recipe, a thin layer of  fermented kisra mix called Ajin is spread over a heated greased flat pan. After cooking for a minute or two,  flip the kisra over and spread it on a plate, layer after layer, as seen in the photo above. For a video demonstration, visit “How to make kisra” by Taste of South Sudan on youtube. Sudanese and South Sudanese eat kisra as starch for lunch and dinner. The sourness and sponginess of this flatbread goes well with molokhia stew, bamia stew and lamb stew with carrots and potatoes.