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General Thomas Cirillo Kenyan government freezes General Thomas Cirillo and sister bank accounts with $10M
21/02/2017 | 10:50 am
The South Sudanese government has traced its missing $10 million (Sh1.03 billion) to accounts at Ecobank, Kenya Commercial Bank and Cooperative Bank of Kenya. These are linked to Lt Gen Thomas Cirillo Swaka – former SPLA Deputy Chief of Staff... Read more.

Displaced in Northern Liech Adjumani refugees sceptical of return
23/12/2016 | 11:35 am
South Sudanese refugees who fled to Northern Uganda from the Yei River area over massive human rights abuses in the recent months have expressed unwillingness to return home despite claims by the Yei River Governor that the area is witnessing... Read more.

Samuel Uko Samwel Uko Makes Long Trek from South Sudan to Abbotsford Backfield
30/09/2016 | 11:03 am
Don’t challenge Samwel Uko to a contest for best first-year football memory because you’re not going to win. Back in 2011 as a sixth-grader, Uko was approached by a community football coach who asked him if he was interested in... Read more.

Roasted lamb Shaiya Recipe: Pan-fried meat, Sheiyah
29/05/2017 | 8:52 am
This is a delicious dish of pan fried meat called Shaiyah. I chose to use lamb for this recipe. In fact, Shaiyah can be made with beef, lamb or goat meat. Shaiyah is a special occasion food, cooked when the... Read more.

Children carry a sack of food at a food distribution in Yirol East, South Sudan CAFOD-David Mutua People at risk of starvation as South Sudan enters its sixth year of independence
08/07/2017 | 10:15 am
9 July marks the sixth anniversary of South Sudan’s independence, but the promise of the world’s youngest country is marred by hunger and conflict, as millions of people still face starvation. After more than three years of conflict and insecurity,... Read more.

Paul Malong Who is General Paul Malong Awan?
14/10/2016 | 8:48 am
You may not realize how many good reasons are there to try to find out more about the people around you including your leaders. After all, you have a right to know whether the people you surround yourself with are... Read more.

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Salva Kiir

IGAD Praises Kiir, Urges Kenya to Reconsider Pull Out

10/12/2016 | 5:51 am

The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Chairperson Hailemariam Desalegn has praised President Kiir for agreeing to the deployment of regional... Read more.

Government Expels NRC Country Director

09/12/2016 | 7:47 pm

The Norwergian Refugee Council (NRC)  Country Director Victor Moses has been expelled from the country today after being held for... Read more.

No Fist Fight Took Place At The Presidency

08/12/2016 | 3:06 pm

A source at the Office of the President has told the National Courier that no fist fight took place at... Read more.


Soth Sudan Red Cross to hold national first aid competition

22/11/2016 | 11:32 am

South Sudan Red Cross and International Committee of the Red Cross are organizing a national first aid competition on Friday... Read more.

Ugandan Authorities: spies infiltrate South Sudanese refugee camps

22/11/2016 | 11:22 am

Fear has engulfed Adjumani District leaders and security officials following unconfirmed reports that a group of spies from South Sudan... Read more.

Civilians escaping war in South Sudan

Enough Project: Genocide warning system is “flashing red” in South Sudan

22/11/2016 | 11:11 am

 The Enough Project’s Founding Director, John Prendergast, said recent warnings by the United Nations about a looming genocide in South... Read more.


over 3000 cholera cases reported along the Nile

22/11/2016 | 11:01 am

  The cholera outbreak, which began in June, has now reached three thousand one hundred and forty-five cases with forty-four... Read more.

Yei Bishop: If soldiers don’t listen to government, they are rebels

22/11/2016 | 7:06 am

If soldiers and police do not listen to the directives of the state governor and his government, it means they... Read more.


Street children in Juba burst into tears as they narrate the reason forcing them to go to streets.

22/11/2016 | 7:02 am

Jackson James, a seventeen-year-old boy, says he was always beaten at home by his relative. He says his father took... Read more.


Nigeria to intervene in country’s health sector

21/11/2016 | 1:26 pm

The Nigerian Government said that it is in top gear to intervene in the country’s health care sector by assisting... Read more.

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