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Obama's failed policy in South Sudan

Obama’s Failed Policy on South Sudan

06/10/2016 | 4:58 pm

When President Barack Obama leaves the White House next January, people around the world will debate his legacy for years... Read more.


Failing South Sudan: First as Tragedy, Then as Farce

05/10/2016 | 11:23 am

International mediators have repeatedly made the same mistake of treating disgraced South Sudan leaders as if they’re respectable statesmen, of... Read more.

South Sudan

South Sudan: a Lesson to the World in How Not to Build a Nation

29/09/2016 | 12:49 pm

There is no standard definition of what makes a country viable as a country. What are the materials, the history, the... Read more.

African passport

AU Passport – Road to United States of Africa?

29/09/2016 | 12:43 pm

One of the key highlights of the 27th Ordinary Session of the African Union Assembly of Heads of State and... Read more.

Civilians escaping war in South Sudan

South Sudan is Not Africa

25/09/2016 | 8:00 pm

This is not an article on South Sudan, which is just as well because the conflicts there are almost fractal... Read more.

Riek and Kiir - South Sudan's top-down disaster

South Sudan’s Top-Down Disaster

25/09/2016 | 11:25 am

THE RESULTS of a two-year investigation into kleptocracy in South Sudan, published this month by a group called the Sentry,... Read more.

George Clooney

George Clooney and the Rot in South Sudan

24/09/2016 | 2:55 pm

Last week, Hollywood star and activist George Clooney,  launched a reportexposing financial corruption among South Sudan’s warring elites. The Sentry report... Read more.

Joseph Ayok Anei on Protection Force

Deployment of United Nations Protection Force in Juba

24/09/2016 | 10:57 am

The government of the Republic of South Sudan, in principle, welcomes the deployment of United Nations Protection Force into the... Read more.

South Sudan's rebel leader Riek Machar

Down But Not Out: What Riek Machar’s Absence Means for South Sudan’s Peace Process

23/09/2016 | 3:20 pm

By Steven C. Roach One half of the rivalry that has defined South Sudan’s politics since independence is no longer around the... Read more.