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We provide you with deep and diverse insights for free. But remember that we still have to pay for servers, website maintenance and other essentials to keep our lights on. So, donate now to keep Talk of Juba free, fair and independent.



Our mission is to inform and to educate. Therefore, we produce in-depth reports, publications and videos on various issues. Our reports and publications are meant for the public and are of particular use to policy analysts, business professionals and students. Talk of Juba will to continue provide South Sudanese with reliable news in a wide range of topics including politics, music and entertainment, and a platform for debates and discussions.


Our vision is to create the first truly South Sudanese media platform that transcends borders, beliefs and backgrounds, that provides a plurality of perspectives, that fosters real debate, that tells the story behind the story, and that involves you in a meaningful global conversation.

What do we do?

Talk of Juba publishes content on a daily basis. Our focus is on issues that really matter to South Sudan, be it environmental challenges or entertainment, economic trends or political developments, humanitarian crises or social movements.