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How are we going to assist your target your market segment?

We are going to do this by engaging your target market segment through social and digital media channels, our team will demonstrate the ability to generate awareness, widen your business’ potential reach within your target market, and contribute to driving more customers to your business, which will ultimately result in top line growth.

Of course, the most effective social and digital media marketing happens over time when quality meets consistency. The following is the list of primary area of on-going focus:

  • Creating Engaging Social Content About Your Business
  • Posting Business/Company-Related Updates
  • Conduct Social Media Campaigns About Your Business
  • Posting About Your Events, Offers and Promotions


Statistics (Google Analytic):

Talk of Juba website total page-views, monthly and daily visits

•Page-views (total visits in since launch 12 months ago (One year) •Average monthly visits •Average daily visits on Talk of Juba’s website
5.1 millions 200000 50000+


Top ten countries that visit Talk of Juba ( website with percentage of sessions.

Country Sessions Percentage (%) Sessions
1. South Sudan 16.46%
2. Kenya 15.86%
3. Uganda 13.69%
4. Australia 12.27%
5. Sudan 7.86%
6. United States 5.43%
7. India 4.24%
8. Canada 3.95%
9. Netherlands 3.02%
10. United Kingdom 2.83%


Billing and Scheduling

Here is an outline of our pricing and services:

Plan Price Length of Time
•Write article (advertorial) on our website about your business and share on our Facebook page. -SSP 1000 Shared on page once
•Pinning your business’s article on top of our page for your preferred number of days. -SSP 400 1 Day
•Pin your graphic/poster on top of our Facebook page for your preferred number of days. -SSP 400 1 Day
•Change our page cover photo to your poster/graphic for your preferred number of days. -SSP 800 1 Day
•Placing 300×600, 728×90 (leader-board) and 300×250 banner ads. -SSP 450, SSP 800 & SSP 400 1 Week

We believe in strategic digital partnerships. Be our next partner. Advertise with us.



Telephone no: +254725667300 or +211 914553456