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About Us

Who we are:

‘Talk of Juba’, is the first South Sudan independent youth media outlet. Our online publication [] delivers news on politics, humanitarian, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, culture, business, social and more.

The Talk of Juba website consists of thought-provoking opinion articles which aim to inspire and tackle issues concerning South Sudan. We publish daily news, interviews and features of notable and non-notable South Sudanese. Since launch in 2013, Talk of Juba’s website ( has garnered 3.5 million page views.

We provide context, analysis and multiple perspectives on South Sudanese news, politics, economics, business and culture.

Talk of Juba is registered by the Ministry of Justice’s Registrar of Companies, NGOs, Societies and Associations with Registration Number (Reg. No: 22808).

We have a crowd sourced journalism model that combines a wide funnel with a strong filter. This means that while anyone can write for us, every article we publish has to meet our editorial guidelines.


Our mission is to inform and to educate. Therefore, we produce in-depth reports, publications and videos on various issues. Our reports and publications are meant for the public and are of particular use to policy analysts, business professionals and students. Talk of Juba will to continue provide South Sudanese with reliable news in a wide range of topics including politics, music and entertainment, and a platform for debates and discussions.


Our vision is to create the first truly South Sudanese media platform that transcends borders, beliefs and backgrounds, that provides a plurality of perspectives, that fosters real debate, that tells the story behind the story, and that involves you in a meaningful global conversation.

What do we do?

Talk of Juba publishes content on a daily basis. Our focus is on issues that really matter to South Sudan, be it environmental challenges or entertainment, economic trends or political developments, humanitarian crises or social movements.

Social media presence

We have 26,000+ likes on our Facebook page ( We have 8,000+ followers on our Twitter account: (https// or (@talkofjuba).

Friends of South Sudan, NGOs and ambassadors of other nations also read our social media and sites on a regular basis. Talk of Juba according to many, is a reliable source of information.

Target Audience

Talk of Juba was founded with the aim of renewing South Sudan’s media landscape, offering youth different news and most importantly, a platform for them to showcase their talents and to discuss important issues concerning South Sudanese at home and abroad.

Youth makes about 70% of the South Sudanese total population, therefore our target audience and most of our visitors tend to be between the ages of 15 to 35. We also have worldwide readers, from Europe, United States, Kenya, Uganda and Australia.

From our own interactions and research, Talk of Juba is one of the most popular South Sudanese websites amongst South Sudanese people.