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 Twic State new cabinet ministers take oath of office

July 6, 2017 | No comment
Twic new cabinet

The new cabinet ministers, advisors and head of the commissions appointed by Governor Kon Manyiel Kuol last week have taken the oath of office on Wednesday in Mayen Abun.

Speaking on behalf of the ministers after the swearing-in, the new minister of information Joseph Majak Tuok thanked Governor Kon for the trust he bestowed upon them.

“We shall pick up from where former ministers have left and accomplish whatever they might have started,” Tuok said.

For his part, the new chairperson of Anti-Corruption Commission John Macham Atem who spoke on behalf of the advisors called on the government officials to cooperate with him in the fight against corruption.

“Corruption needs a collective responsibility in order to reduce it as you might know corruption is one of the major problems our country is facing,” said John Macham.

Governor Kon advised and directed the new government officials to put aside their political affiliations and work for the interest of Twic citizens.

“Regardless of your political background, whoever is appointed should put Twic first and the interest of our citizens to serve them,” Said the governor.

Kon appointed three SPLM – IO members last week as stipulated in the 2015 Peace deal which gives the opposition 15% share in the state governments.

The swearing-in ceremony was attended by six county commissioners and other senior government dignitaries in the state. Initially, there were 7 seven ministries, however, the creation of Animal Resources and Fisheries and Gender and Social Welfare Ministries put the total of the ministries to 9.

By Marko Makat

Source: Twic Public Media