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Japan defends abstaining UN sanction vote

December 31, 2016 | No comment
Japanese peacekeepers

The international community needs to support a nation building process in South Sudan with the help current leadership of the country, says Japan’s Permanent Deputy Representative to the United Nations.

According to Japanese media, Yoshifumi Okamura discouraged the use of sanctions, arms embargos and asset freezes on the country, saying “he is doubtful if the measures will be effective”.

The measure was tabled at the UN Security Council last Friday, but failed to gain the nine votes required for it to be adopted.

Eight countries including Russia, China and Japan abstained.

Mr. Okamura told reporters that Japan has cooperated with the South Sudanese government through the dispatch of SDF troops, and that these relations “must not collapse due to sanctions.”

Mr. Okamura was in charge of the Japan’s negotiations with other countries on whether or not to support the resolution.