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Transport cost goes high due to fuel shortage

December 24, 2016 | No comment

Some transport companies and boda -boda motor cycle riders say they have raised their fees for different destinations inside the country due to fuel shortage.

The owners of motor vehicles say they hardly get fuel due to long queues when some fuel stations are operating.

Most of them complain of spending several hours lining up for fuel, and in most cases, they don’t even manage to refill their automobiles.

“A bottle is now at 150 pounds,” said one motorist in Juba.

Some of them said they often resort to buying from the black market, which is very expensive; a bottle of petrol in the parallel market is now being sold nearly at 200 pounds compared to 22 pounds at the pumps.

“For you to go to the fuel station is a complete day that you have to spent,” said Charles, a boda-boda motorcyclist.

One of the bus drivers said transport companies that travel to Uganda’s Koboko district have raised their fees from 2000 to 3000 pounds.

“We added the price because we are buying from the black market here in the park, because when you go to fuel station, you are going to wait in a line from morning till evening,” he said.

Efforts to reach the National oil firm, Nilepet, for a comment on fuel shortage, have not been successful.