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Juba POC to be shut down-Minister

December 19, 2016 | No comment

The government has announced a plan to shut down the UN protection sites in the capital Juba where tens of thousands of civilians have sheltered from the ongoing fighting in the country.

 Northern Liech Minister of Information Lam Tungwar said that the UN protection camps in Juba will be shut down and that the displaced people will be relocated by the national government to their areas of origin in Upper Nile, Jonglei and Unity States.

 He claimed that about 1,400 displaced citizens mostly women and children have already arrived in Rubkona area. The local official added that hundreds of displaced people from Bieh and Pangak states were also relocated to their areas of origin.

 “About 1,400 people from the PoC in Juba have arrived in Rubkona, and about 780 people from the Lou Nuer have also arrived in Bieh State, also over 480 people went to Pangak State. So people want to return back to their areas because they are suffering inside the UN camps,” said Tungwar.