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700 Chinese Peacekeepers to arrive in a weeks time

December 17, 2016 | No comment

A new 700-member Chinese United Nations peacekeeping infantry battalion will be in place in the country within a week, China’s Defense Ministry said on Friday.

The new peacekeeping force will take over the duties of the previous Chinese troops stationed in the Juba since December last year.

The UN Security Council passed a resolution backing a peacekeeping mission in the country in 2014, after civil war broke out in 2013, two years after independence from Sudan.

In July, two Chinese peacekeepers, Li Lei and Yang Shupeng, died after their vehicle was struck by a shell when it was guarding Protection of Civilians Centre (POC) near the UN compound in Juba.

The new troops began their 12-month deployment on Dec 4.

They are being transported to Juba in six separate groups with the fourth one, consisting of 120 troops, arriving next Thursday.

The new troops immediately began transition missions and training, ranging from logistics to city patrols.

With careful preparation and help from previous Chinese peacekeepers, the new peacekeepers are ready to undertake various missions independently, battalion commander Ding Hailong said.

UN peacekeeping troops are tasked with protecting civilians, UN staff and humanitarian workers, conducting patrols and providing security escorts.