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New Mandate Empowers UNMISS to Deter Sexual Violence

December 17, 2016 | No comment
Japanese peacekeepers

Approving a one-year extension of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, the Security Council today demanded an end to the fighting in the country, and decided that the UNMISS, shall “use all necessary means” to “deter and prevent” sexual violence within its capacity, and “monitor, investigate and report incidents of hate speech.”

In a unanimously adopted resolution, the Security Council extended the mandate of UNMISS through 15 December 2017, maintaining its core functions, while also maintaining a troop ceiling of 17,000, including a 4,000-strong Regional Protection Force (approved in mid-August), and increasing the police ceiling to 2,101 police personnel, and 78 corrections officers, and requesting the Secretary-General “to take the necessary steps to expedite force and asset generation.”

To this end, the Council decided that UNMISS would “use all necessary means” to deter and prevent sexual and gender-based violence within its capacity and areas of deployment, and “monitor, investigate, verify and report specifically and publicly on violations and abuses committed against children and women.”

As such, in today’s resolution, the Council tasked UNMISS with monitoring, investigating and reporting on incidents of hate speech and incitement to violence in cooperation with the UN Special Adviser.