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UN Denies Attack of Aid Convoy by SPLA

December 13, 2016 | No comment
SPLA Soldiers

The United Nation Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has dismissed claims that their convoy was attacked by South Sudanese soldiers while en routing to Mundi, west of the capital, Juba last week.

UNOCHA confirms that it has had no reports of humanitarian trucks being shot at by the SPLA en route to Mundri,” clarified the agency in a statement seen by Talk of Juba.

OCHA, however, called on the warring parties to cooperate with aid agencies to allow them to access the remote areas to deliver food and assist the people in need.

“UNOCHA does, however, confirm that a humanitarian convoy is en route to Mundri and calls on all parties to allow free, safe, and unhindered access for the convoy to proceed,” further reads the agency’s statement.

Last week, there were media reports that two trucks belonging to the UN Office for Coordinator of Humanitarian Affairs were seized and looted by pro-government forces.

In a related development, the International Committee of the Red Cross also yesterday denied a report that its trucks were looted in Rokon County, Jubek State, over the weekend.

.“ICRC vehicles were not involved in any incident of such kind,” a representative told the media.