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Nearly 1000 guns collected in Gogrial State

December 10, 2016 | No comment

More than 700 guns were collected from five counties of Apuk East, Apuk West, Apuk South, Aguok North and Aguok Central and the state capital Kuacjok in Gogrial State.

This follows a week long disarmament exercise were authorities have collected thousands of ammunition and hundreds of arms from civilians.

Speaking to the media yesterday jointly with the state officials and county commissioners, the t. The SPLA will jointly with the police provide security for those disarmed. Those who have not handed over their weapons will be forcefully disarmed by the SPLA”,said Commander of SPLA’s Third Infantry Division (Div3) Major General Santino Deng Wol who welcomed the disarmament   .

The county commissioners present also urged civilians to voluntarily hand in their weapons.