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over 3000 cholera cases reported along the Nile

November 22, 2016 | No comment


The cholera outbreak, which began in June, has now reached three thousand one hundred and forty-five cases with forty-four deaths by mid November.
Communities along the River Nile are worst affected and account for 91 percent of reported cholera cases, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs or OCHA’s report.
A total of 2,874 cases and all 44 deaths from the outbreak were reported from Awerial, Duk, Fangak, Juba, Leer, Pageri, Pigi and Terekeka, it said.
Juba has the highest number of cases making 63 percent of the total, while Terekeka, has the highest death cases, OCHA added.
It said new cases continue to be reported in Bentiu Protection of Civilians site, with 24 cases recorded in Rubkona County in the week up to November 17.
OCHA explained that cases were reported mostly among infants and new arrivals from Leer, Mayendit, Koch, Panyijiar and Guit who missed cholera vaccination campaign in 2015.
Health organizations are supporting the Ministry of Health to respond to the outbreak and investigate and treat suspected cases, the Office said.