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Calm Returns to Yei, Says Awet Akot

October 15, 2016 | No comment

The security situation in Yei is calm and people are going about their daily activities normally, Presidential Advisor on Military Affairs, Daniel Awet Akot said.

Yei town has witnessed series of killings over the last month, as unknown gunmen killed people indiscriminately according to an eye witness who spoke to NC in September.

Earlier this month, President Kiir dispatched an investigation Committee headed by Daniel Awet and Clement Wani Konga to Yei to investigate the incident

Now the Committee is back in Juba and presented a report to the President yesterday at J1.

After presenting the report, Daniel Awet told the Press that he was in Yei to also deliver a message of peace, stressing that the security situation there is stable.

“Generally, the security situation in Yei is totally calm, people are working together, no more shooting and people who were outside are coming in,” he assured.

[The National Courier]