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Ethiopian PM Doesn’t Want Riek Machar Back in His Country

September 22, 2016 | No comment
Rebel leader Riek Machar

The Ethiopian Prime Minister says Riek Machar is no longer welcomed in his country. Mr. Hailemariam told Foreign Policy Magazine in an interview that they, “do not need someone who is leading an armed struggle in Ethiopia.”

He added that Riek would be allowed to pass through Ethiopia in his travels but will not be allowed to stay long term.

The latest development came after Mr. Hailemariam was pressed about human rights record in his country. The Ethiopia government has killed hundreds of Amhara and Oromo people who are protesting annexations of their lands.

Hailemariam rejected international investigation saying, “there is no need for somebody from outside to come and investigate this issue. It’s not because there is something to be hidden but it’s because we have a sovereignty that needs to be kept.”

The Ethiopian government has been criticised by South Sudan government on a number of occasions for their belligerent behaviour and persistence in IGAD for intervention in South Sudan’s conflict.

Rebel leader Riek Machar is currently in Sudan’s capital Khartoum where he is receiving treatment from leg injuries that he sustained during in July’s Juba skirmishes between his forces and government troops. He was extracted from DR Congo forest and flown to Khartoum by UN on ‘humanitarian grounds’. United Nations has recently

United Nations has recently admitted that it has rescued hundreds of Riek Machar fighters in DRC.

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